basic blocks


Module 1 - 2nd Ed.
Bodice block + dress block,
with and without darts​.

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Module Program

12 weeks program, starting on May 30th, 2022.

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We’ll deliver one new lesson every week, but don’t worry: once you enroll, lessons will be there forever so you can go at your own pace!

Week 1

Simple bodice block (without darts) with wearing ease + basic sleeve - for shirts, blouses, shift dresses

Week 2

Fitted/contoured bodice block (without wearing ease) - for fitted bodices and dresses, corsets, corset dresses

Week 3

Bodice & dress block with darts + basic sleeve - for dresses, shirts, blouses

Week 4

Fitting bodices (with and without darts) + most common alterations

Week 5

Fitting sleeves + most common alterations

Week 6

Dart manipulation into other darts and/or slash lines - 10 styles

Week 7

Dart manipulation into volumes (pleats, gathers...) and flares - 8 styles

Week 8

Sleeve manipulations - 10 styles

Week 9

Skirt construction: recap of basic skirt (studied in pre-course lesson 3), 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 circle skirt, paneled skirt, skirt with yoke

Week 10

Matching bodices with dart manipulations and skirts to create dress patterns + how to create different facings: facing for neckline/neckline + armhole and how to create pattern for lining

Week 11

Construction of dresses: wrap dress, asymmetric, draped, tiered

Week 12

Draft pattern for jersey dresses/tops (fabrics with horizontal stretch only)

What you will learn

The Basic Blocks Course Program

This is the most complete and professional pattern making course we've ever made.

Our 15+ years of experience will be available for you into step by step lessons, easy to follow yet extremely detailed. Clear instructions will drive you to understanding pattern making techniques and applying them.


Take measurements, wearing ease + skirt block

Module 1

Bodice block + dress block, with and without darts

Available from May 2022

Module 2

Stretch fabric block (swimwear and underwear)

Available from Jun 2022

Module 3

Pants block, shirt block, raglan & dolman blocks

Available from Sep 2022

Module 4

Jacket block, 2-pieces sleeve, coat block

Available from Nov 2022

We’ll deliver one new lesson every week, but don’t worry: once you enroll, lessons will be there forever so you can go at your own pace!

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