Sweatshirt with elasticated waist


To draft the pattern of this sweatshirt you can start from our Amarillide top.

Print and assemble the pattern, then hack it as follows.

Step 1

Get the pattern (front and back are the same, only the neckline changes) and raise the sleeve/shoulder tip by 3cm, then extend it and alter the sleeve opening as shown in the photo.

Mark a rectangular piece at the underbust 17×2,5cm for the elastic.

Increase the length to 71cm.

Draft the hoodie starting from a rectangular shape 33x39cm, the bottom side should be slightly curved as the necklines are.

Step 2

These are some references for a size 42 italian (S/M european).

The hood has extra 3cm to be folded inwards for a drawstring.

Step 3

Check this post for the single steps of the elasticated waist detail.

Step 4