80’s striped blouse


Let's see together the steps to draft this blouse. It's quite an advanced pattern, perfect if you want to challenge yourself!

Any shirting fabric will look nice, but get a striped one to be able to play with the grain direction and get the best effect.

Step 1

Start from a basic block with bust dart and straight side seams.

Draw the high-low hem.

Draw the slash lines you see in red and the shoulder insert you see in light blue.

Widen the center back for the pleat.

Step 2

Trace the separate pieces:

  • back and front yoke (this one with dart closed)
  • back and front shoulder inserts
  • back and front main pieces
  • back and front side panels.
Step 3

On front yoke, draw the built in collar and the slash lines.

Step 4

Cut through the lines and spread the pieces.

Redraw as the red lines.

Step 5

Mark the pleats.

Step 6

Draw the built in collar on back yoke.

Step 7

Get the shoulder inserts from back and front and merge them in one piece.

Step 8

…here are the pattern pieces up to now!

Step 9

Get the shoulder insert pieces and match them to the sleeve.

Step 10

So your new sleeve looks like this.

Step 11

Mark the pleats on the sleeve cap and at bottom.

Add the cuff.

Step 12

Here is the full pattern!

  • back yoke
  • back
  • side back panel
  • sleeve insert/facing
  • side front panel
  • front yoke
  • front
  • sleeve


Step 13
Step 14

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