A-line slip dress


Style analysis: mini dress with deep V neckline held with chains (but it's possible to have a softer effect creating self fabric straps). Spaghetti straps and lots of volume at hemline.

A cool detail is the overlap of different layers: we suggest 2 or 3 of them if working with satin, 4 or 5 if using chiffon, georgette or tulle. You can also combine different materials!

Draft the pattern starting from a copy of your contoured block - instruction for drafting it on personal measurements are included in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Step 1

Trace back and front separate and adjust length. We suggest 15 to 20cm above knee.

On both pieces, flare by 8 to 16cm from side seam and connect with a straight line to armpit point.

Square down from bust point to hemline and cut through the line.

Step 2

Tape shoulder dart closed on front so that its volume opens at hemline.

Merge back and front in a temporary way at side seam and draw the new neckline:

  • start from center back 5 to 7cm below armpit level
  • cross side seam 1 to 3cm below armpit
  • curve upwards so that upper edge is 9 to 13cm above bust level
  • draw a plunging neckline that stops somewhere between underbust and waist level (choose the depth you prefer – above underbust is ok too!)

Measure 1cm along the new neckline from closed bust dart and draw another small dart – this one will be closed too and helps neckline being tighter to chest.

Step 3

On front, tape the additional bust dart closed and transfer its volume at hemline. Make sure you have at least 2o to 30cm added at hemline, otherwise pivot at neckline to open more volume.

On back, square up and down from dart apex and identify a 1cm section that will be removed. Cut through the lines.

Step 6

Make sure you add staytape at neckline or it won’t stay!

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