Asymmetric dress with flounces


Style analysis: midi summer dress with halter neckline that ties around the neck, the front of the dress has a fitted bodice with a ruffled detail just below the bust. The skirt is asymmetrical with a cascading ruffle that adds movement and flair. The back of the dress showcases an open back design, tied at the neck and again at the mid-back with a large bow, creating a small cut-out detail at lower back. The hemline hits between knee and ankle, featuring asymmetric flounces that give the dress both a playful and elegant feel.

Fabric: any lightweight woven fabric, I would opt for cotton in shirting weight to keep the skirt and flounces a bit structured, but viscose would work too, with a more flowy style. The dress in the image features a vibrant and bold floral pattern, solid color would work too, stripes would make an interesting option...so many possibilities!

Step 1

Start by tracing your basic dress with darts and zero to very small wearing ease.
You can learn our method for drafting perfectly made to measure basic blocks (contoured ones, and the ones with wearing ease) and for fitting them in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Adjust length to 5cm above ankle or desired measurement, then mirror back and front to have them full. Draw flounces this way on both of them:

  • ind the shortest point of hemline on left side seam – we suggest 10cm below knee – then draw flounce 2 approx 20cm wide
  • create a 3 to 5cm overlap so that hemline of flounce 1 covers flounce 2 uppermost line
  • then draw flounce 1 approx 15cm wide.
Step 2

Trace separate copies to have:

  • back and front flounce 2
  • back and front flounce 1
  • back and front skirt (the part in between uppermost line of flounce 1 and uppermost line of flounce 2)
  • and of course back and front of the dress.

Trace copies and do not cut through the lines as there’s an overlap between flounces and skirt.

Draw 3 vertical, evenly distributed slash lines on all flounces (first line is center, then divide each half in half again).

Step 3

Place aside dress and skirt pieces and work on flounces.

Cut through the slash lines and label pieces not to misplace them, then separate pieces by 5cm at top and 8cm at bottom (adjustable measurements if you want more or less volume).

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