Asymmetric dress with weaves


Let's spice up the pencil dress with this asymmetric cut and side inserts that create some sort of waves.

The added volume is a nice accent to a basic style. You can sew it in any light to medium weight fabric - either you find something a bit stiff or crisp, otherwise you can add an interlining providing structure.

To draft the pattern, start from a basic block with darts and minimum wearing ease (4cm at bust circumference, 2-4cm at waist one, 2 at hip one).

Step 1

First, mirror front to have the full frame.

Then draw the underbust line and widen waist darts at underbust to fit it.

Step 2

Draw half a cirle on left side of front, the center of it on left point of waistline.

Choose the radius as you prefer, we suggest something like 5 to 7cm.

Step 3

Divide the circumference in 19 even sections and number the points you get from 1 to 9.

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