Asymmetric dress with zippers


A trendy asymmetric dress with an accent: zippers at neckline and slit!

It's a simple yet interesting pattern to practice with asymmetries. To draft it, start by tracing a copy of your basic block with darts. Learn our method for drafting made to measure patterns and choose the correct wearing ease with our basic blocks course - module 1 is all about dresses! The dress can be sewn in any medium weight fabric, from ponte or medium weight knit for something more casual to crepe for more polished looks - ease will vary according to the fabric (weight and amount of stretch in it).

Step 1

Trace a full copy of back and front, then adjust length to 5cm above the ankles.

Taper 2 to 3cm from side seams at hemline, blending to zero at hips.

On front, measure down from armpit 7 to 8cm along side seams and draw the slash lines to bust points. Cut through these lines and close shoulder darts, manipulating their volume into those french darts.

Step 2

See how shoulder darts were manipulated?! Now redraw french darts 3cm shorter, so that the apex does not reach bust point (to avoid pointy breasts).

Erase waist darts from front discarding their amount (or half of it, if you like a less fitted dress) from side seams.

Erase waist darts from back removing half of their volume from side seam and half from center back – this is possible because there is a center back seam in the dress, to follow back curve better.

Step 3

On both front and back, measure 5 to 6cm from high shoulder point along shoulder line to find the new neckline width.

Redraw back neckline dropping 2 to 4cm in center back, then draw the new front neckline as shown. The longer slanted line extends all the way to side seam below armpit.

On back, draw a slash line that starts at a matching height to front slash line on side seam and ends at waist level on opposite side.

Cut through the new line on front to separate:

  • 1 front bodice
  • 1 front (main piece).

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