Asymmetric jacket dress


To draft the pattern of this dress, you need to start from a basic block with darts and full front and back.

Any medium weight, slightly structured fabric will give you a nice result.

Step 1

On both front and back, taper the skirt.

On back, draw the new neckline and shape the center.

On front, see in red the ‘jacket’ neckline and in blue the one for the dress underneath.

Draw also the lines for dart manipulation.

Step 2

Trace the separate pieces, then mark the lines for dart manipulation that you see on right front.

Step 3

Cut through the lines, close the shoulder dart and draw the collar and lapel.

Step 4

Get one more copy of front for the left front and draw the lines for dart manipulation.

Step 5

Close the shoulder dart and remove the extra length.

Step 6

Draw the lapel on left front.

Step 7

Add a two pieces sleeve and your pattern is ready!

Step 8