Asymmetric peplum top


Let's draft together the pattern of this top. It's quite advanced, so it's perfect to challenge yourself.

To sew it, you will need a medium weight fabric with a good drape.

Step 1

Start from a fitted basic block with darts.

Merge it with a sleeve pattern cut in half and aligned at the armhole notches.

On this block draw the new neckline and the new dart line for front.

Widen the shoulder dart by 1cm at the neckline.

Step 2

Trace the two parts of the front separate with the new darts.

Step 3

Get the left center front, draw the new neckline and the slash lines.

Cut through all of them.

Step 4

Open 2-3cm in each cut and redraw the whole piece.

Step 5

Draw the ruffle position on right front and mark the gathering on left one.

Step 6

Get the two pieces of the back, draw the ruffle on the right one (which has the dart manipulation).

Step 7

Trace the ruffle from the front and draw the slash lines.

Step 8

Cut through the lines and add 2-3cm in each cut.

Redraw the new shape.

Step 9

Get the sleeve, cut in the center and slash.

Step 10

Spread the pieces by 8-12cm and raise the cap by 3-5cm.

Redraw the sleeve.

Step 11

Get the yoke, draw the slash lines from the dart and in the center and cut.

Step 12

Redraw the yoke with the added volume and the new shape.

Step 13

Here is the finished pattern!

Step 14

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