Asymmetric shift dress


Let's draft together the pattern for this asymmetric dress. The main feature is the usage of different direction of grainlines - usually grain is parallel to center front and back, while here it changes in every section to make an interesting effect with striped fabric.

We suggest to start from a basic block without darts and matching sleeve. Ease should be at least 14cm at bust. If you don't know how to draft a basic block or you want to try our method, check out this page.

You can sew the dress in any light to medium weight fabric - for something similar to the photo, a shirting fabric is just perfect!

Step 1

First trace a mirrored copy of your basic block so you have full back and full front.

On both pieces, drop armhole by 1,5 to 2cm.

Draw the new waist line:

  • slanted on the back: 2cm below waistline on right side and 5cm below it on left one
  • with a V shape in front matching the side position to the back. Draw the V apex approximately in line to bust point, 10 to 12cm below waistline.

Starting from V apex draw the left neckline and where it meets center front start drawing its right side.

Step 2

Mark parallel lines to the neckline to create the neck band, then do the same drawing parallels to the waistline.

Flare the dress at sides by 15-25cm blending to the waist.

Lastly, draw the left and right overlapped part as marked from red (right) and green (left) lines. The overlap gives volume to front skirt.

Step 3

Cut the big pieces first, then cut also through the parallel lines and separate all the strips.

Name them not to misplace any.

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