Asymmetrical draped blouse


Let's draft together the pattern of this asymmetrical blouse.

Start from a basic block without darts.

Step 1

Mirror back and front for the asymmetrical style, on both raise the shoulder tip by 1cm, lower the armpit by 3-5cm and move outwards by the same amount to draw the short dolman sleeve.

Shape the side seam as a non fitted silhouette.

Step 2

Work the same way on back and front: draw the new neckline from one side of the original one to the shoulder tip of the other side.

Then draw 4 slash lines: two from the shoulder to the side seam under the armpit (3-4cm apart), one from the armpit of the other side to the opposite side seam above the waist, the last one across the waist.

Cut through all the lines.

Step 3

Separate by 4-5cm the pieces at the two lower slash lines, separate on the armpit edge by the same amount the top two keeping the pieces together at the shoulder line.

Step 4

Redraw both blocks as two separate pieces.

To make sewing easier and the blouse fit at its best, the slope of the lines should be the same.