Bardot paneled flared dress


Let’s draft the pattern of this dress.

You can make it in any fabric, knit or woven, and will always look nice. Mind that you need to start from a basic block with darts whose ease allowance relates to the fabric you are using – more ease is needed for stiffer, non stretch fabric – less to zero ease is needed for stretch ones, especially knits.

Step 1

Start by drawing the neckline lowering approximately 10cm from the front neckline and 15 from the back one, and going straight or slightly curved upwards into the armhole.

Widen the shoulder dart on front by 1cm to make the dress tighter to the chest.

Flare both front and back skirts by 4-5cm from the side seam.

Step 2

Measure the armcye from the armpit to the new neckline on the back, then match the measurement to the sleeve still starting from the armpit.

Do the same for the front, draw a line connecting the two points you found on the sleeve and cut off its upper part.

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