Bias cut asymmetric dress


Style analysis: sleek, elegant gown made of a shiny. It features an asymmetrical neckline with one shoulder strap, leaving the other shoulder bare. The back of the dress is low-cut, with a thin strap across the shoulders for support. The dress is form-fitting through the bodice and hips, flowing into a long, slightly flared skirt that creates a graceful silhouette. This dress combines simplicity with sophisticated detailing, making it a striking choice for formal occasions.

Fabric: any light to medium weight flowy fabric, as satin or crepe. It can be silk, polyester, viscose or blends.

Step 1

Trace your basic block with darts and 4cm wearing ease in all circumferences.

Adjust length to ground, then taper 2cm inwards at knee (or up to 8cm above it), flaring at least 4 to 6cm at hemline and blending to zero at hip level.

On front, draw the slash line for french dart from bust point to side seam 7 to 9cm below armpit.

Mirror both back and front with all the new lines.

Step 2

Erase back waist darts and discard 2cm at waist from each side seam, blending to zero at armpit and hip levels.

Repeat the same process erasing front waist darts, then cut through the slash lines for french darts and close shoulder ones.

Step 3

Draw the new neckline:

  • start on back: at left side seam pick a point 3 to 5cm above waist
  • draw a line that hits waist level approx at center back
  • curve and raise a vertical line as if you were creating a shoulder strap pointing towards right shoulder midpoint
  • draw a curve similar to a flat armhole ending 2cm below armpit
  • continue on front, starting from right side seam 2cm below armpit
  • raise a slanted line to right high shoulder point
  • draw a slanted line to left side seam 2cm below armpit.

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