Blazer with asymmetric peplum


Style analysis: single breasted fitted blazer with peak collar and asymmetric peplum. 2 pieces sleeve.

Fabric: any medium weight woven fabric would work, suiting fabric would be perfect. If you choose plaid or stripes, pay attention to pattern matching ;)

Draft the pattern starting from a basic block without darts - instructions for made to measure blocks are included in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Step 1

Trace back and front attached: merge them at armpit point. If hiplines overlap (this happens quite often as hips tend to be wider than bust), calculate the overlap and note down the number.

Measure up from armpit 5 to 7cm along armhole line on both front and back and draw the panel. Shape them drawing some sort of darts:

  • 2 to 3cm wide at waist on front
  • 3 to 4cm wide at waist on back.

On front, square down to hemline.
On back, create the overlap by 2 to 4cm (or, better, the measurement you noted down before).

Lengthen block by 5 to 10cm below hipline.

Step 2

Now work on back:

  • measure 7 to 10cm down from nape point
  • take in 2cm at waist and connect to previous point with a straight line
  • take in 2cm also at hipline and hemline and connect to waist point.
Step 3

Now on front:

  • lengthen shoulder line inwards by 2 to 3cm
  • draw a parallel line to center front 2cm outwards from it. This is the button stand. The line starts from hem level and extends upwards up to 3 to 5cm above waistline
  • from this point, draw a slanted line to the first point (shoulder line lengthened)
  • lengthen the slanted line by back neckline measurement. This slanted line is called roll line and is where the lapel folds back.

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