Blazer with front flip


Style analysis: short blazer with interesting front flip and modern collar.

I would use ponte knit for this blazer, but a soft, medium weight brushed wool or boiled wool would be perfect too.

Start by drafting a basic block without darts and with 12 to 14cm wearing ease at bust (or adjust it depending on the fit you prefer and the fabric you use). Learn more about choosing appropriate wearing ease, our method for drafting made to measure patterns, fit them and manipulate them into other styles in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Step 1

Trace front and back to waistline, then on front draw the ‘lapel’ by adding 2cm past center front at waist and 4 to 5cm past center front at neckline. Connect the two points with a straight line.

Step 2

Build the collar as fully explained here:

  • draw the roll line ending 2cm past high point shoulder
  • then extend the line by back neckline measurement
  • rotate backward (towards left side of paper)by 2,5cm
  • from this new point draw a perpendicular as collar width (we suggest 6 or 7cm)
  • on front, collar and lapel meet at center front where original neckline is and create a 45°angle.
Step 3

On back, raise neckline and shoulder line by 2cm.

On front, drop shoulder line by 2cm.

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