Cape with puffed sleeves


Let’s draft the pattern of this trendy cape.

Start from a block with waist darts only and a matching two pieces sleeve.

Step 1

On both back and front, draw the dart closer to the side seam (instead of halfway) and raise the armhole/shoulder by 2-3cm. shape the center back balancing what you lose at the hip line.

Flare 2-4cm from the side seam. on center front draw the button stand.

Step 2

Trace the 4 separate pieces from the bodice and mark all the notches that you see.

Step 3

Get back to the construction, cut the sleeve in the center and align it to the bodice, matching the notches.

Step 4

From the armhole that you raised, draw a line parallel to the center and then few perpendiculars to open the pleat volume.

Cut through the lines.

Step 5

Separate the pieces and open 4-6cm in each cut for the sleeve pleats.

Merge front sleeve with the back block.

Step 6

This is the new block.

Step 7

Reshape the sleeve cap and mark all the pleats.

Step 8

The pattern is almost finished: center back, side back panel, side front panel, center front, collar band, two parts of the sleeve.

Step 9

Add the cape part to the pattern and you’re done.