Cape with ruffle


Let's draft the pattern for this trendy cape featuring an interesting ruffle detail.

It's an easy throw-on piece for mid-season outfits, but we would love to sew an organza version of it for wedding season.

To start working on the pattern, trace a copy of your basic block without darts and matching sleeve. The amount of wearing ease added to the block is not important as it will be changed with the manipulation. Our method for drafting blocks with and without darts is available in module 1 of our course - all details are here.

Step 1

Trace back and front to hipline, then trace the sleeve and cut it in half.

Step 2

Matching armhole notches, merge back sleeeve to back bodice and front sleeve to front bodice.

Try to place sleeves with a similar slope 😉

Step 3

Now create the dolman/cape block tracing the outer shape of front and back.

Back is created from center back, back neckline, back shoulder line, sleeve middle line, then create a new bottom line from sleeve hemline to hipline – fill the gap sleeve to bodice. Repeat for front.

Add a 2cm button stand past center front, then draw a parallel to hemline 15 to 18cm above it, curving it towards center front.

On front, draw a slash line for the arm to pass through – it will be similar to a pocket.

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