Corset dress with cups


Style analysis: short dress with panel construction and 2 pieces cup. Spaghetti straps, flap pockets and piping to accent all details.

Fabric: medium weight, woven fabric with zero to little stretch. Lining is recommended, as well as interlining for cups and bodice upper part.

Draft the pattern starting from a contoured block (= with darts and zero wearing ease). You can learn our method for drafting perfectly made to measure basic blocks and for fitting them in our basic blocks course/module 1.

A full explanation on corsets and much more is covered in our basic blocks course/module 2.

Step 1

Trace back and front separate and adjust length to 15 to 20cm above knee. Highlight underbust dart and widen front waist dart so that it is 3cm at underbust. Shape dart as a rocket 🙂

Step 2

On front, move waist section of dart towards center by 1 to 3cm keeping dart width consistent. Dart bottom apex remains in its original position, so that the panel are shaped to highlight hourglass figure.

Square down from dart bottom apex to hemline.

Draw pocket flap 13 to 16cm wide and 4cm at short sides, 5,5cm at center. Flap is slightly slanted, it’s 4 or 5cm from waistline closer to center and 6 to 7cm down from waist closer to side seam.

Step 3

Pointing in bust point, draw the bottom part of a circle whose radius R is half of bust distance.


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