Corset dress with drape – part 1


Let’s see how to draft the corset pattern of this sexy dress.

Start from a basic block with darts.

Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts and zero ease.

On the back, draw the straight neckline and draw 3 panels discarding the dart volume in between them and from center back.

On the front, draw the neckline and widen the shoulder dart at it by 1cm.

Extend the neckline and draw the band forming the sleeve.

Draw the slanted line for the panel cut and draw two slash lines at bust height for the dart manipulation.

Draw the new waist shape.

Step 2

Trace the two separate pieces of the front.

On the center, close both dart opening them in the new slash lines.

Close the dart also in the side panel.

Step 3

Cut the center front from the darts all the way to the center, then straighten this part.

Step 4

Redraw the piece marking the pleats.

Step 5

This is the lining part: out of the same center front piece, redraw it and mark 2 lines to divide it in 3 pieces.

Step 6

Trace the pieces separately closing the existing darts and add a bone in each seam line.

Step 7

Add the pleats volume to the neckline band, then trace also the other pieces as you see here.