Corset dress with drape – part 2


Let’s see how to draft the skirt pattern of this sexy dress structured as a corset.

Start from a basic block with darts.

Step 1

Start from the basic skirt with full front, reshaping the waist exactly as you did for the corset.

On both back and front reduce 2cm from the side seam at the hem to make the skirt more fitted to the legs.

On the front only, draw the new hem shape for both sides.

On both parts, draw the slash lines as you see in the photo.

Step 2

Trace the two separate fronts, then cut through the slash lines on the right one.

Step 3

Separate the pieces by 4-6cm, close the darts and redraw the whole front.

Step 4

Do the same on the back.

Step 5

This is the pattern: back, left and right front.

Mind that the back and right front have gatherings on the side seam, while the right front at the waist has pleats.