Corset dress with panels


Today's tutorial is for a corset dress with panels: there are vertical cuts both in skirt and in bodice.

The pattern starts from a contoured block, so if you enrolled to our Basic Block Course the starting point for this pattern is the 2nd lesson of the course.

Trace a copy of back and front separate first, then do all alterations explained in the following steps.

You can sew the dress in basically any medium weight fabric - we suggest to add interlining to the bodice for extra support to the bones - and lining to the whole dress to keep everything neat in the inside.

Step 1

First, draw the slash line on back waistline and slanted downward in front: start from front waistline on side seam and end in center front 10 to 12cm below the waist.

Draw the skirt length to mid calf or long and taper it by reducing 2cm from side seams at hem, blending to the hips.

Step 2

Then draw the panel cuts on skirt by drawing lines coming down from dart apex and being parallel to center front and back.

Draw the neckline:

  • on back, start in center 12-15cm below neckline and blend to armpit
  • on front, draw a similar neckline making sure it is at least 7 to 8cm above bust point on dart legs, for a good coverage 😉 then draw the V shape in center front
Step 3

Cut through all lines.

You get:

  • back and front bodices, still with the original darts that have to be manipulated into panel cuts
  • 4 skirt pieces (2 for back and 2 for front).

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