Double breasted raglan coat


Let's draft the pattern for this classic but stylish coat.

It features a double breasted front with notched collar, raglan sleeve and full length.

You could sew it in any coat fabric (woolen fabric whose weight is more than 300gr/sqm).

It is an interesting project since it has cool details as the collar, waistband, and of course you could add pockets!

Step 1

Start by tracing a copy of back and front from a basic block with even circumferences on back and front.

Adjust the length, then drop armhole by 5 to 8cm and widen it at side seam by 3 to 6 or even 8cm.

Draw the new side seam flaring it slightly (add 2 to 3cm at hemline).

Step 2

Measure along back neckline 4 to 5cm and draw the slash line for raglan on back.

Then measure along front neckline 5,5 to 7,5cm and draw the slash line for raglan on front.

(Hemline here was flared by 6 to 10cm from original block line).


Step 3

Open neckline on back by measuring 2,5 to 3cm on shoulder line and taking 1cm from center back. Measure this line.

On front, extend waistline 18cm past center front and mark a point.
From this point downwards, draw the double breasted closure.

On front shoulder line, measure the same amount done on back (2,5 to 3cm) from high shoulder point and draw the roll line to the waist point just found.

Extend roll line upwards by back neckline measurement.

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