Draped asymmetrical long dress


Let’s see how to draft the pattern of this evening dress.

Start from a basic dress with darts and full front. Keep it a bit longer from center back to front overlapping.

Step 1

Separate bodice and skirt at the waist.

On back bodice, draw the new neckline.

On front one, draw the new overlapped neckline and a dart 1cm wide to keep it tighter to the body.

Draw the two parts of front skirt.

Step 2

Copy the pieces separately: back bodice with the dart closed, back skirt, left front bodice with all darts moved at the waist, right front bodice with darts all at the waist and extended as the red line, left front skirt with dart closed and right front skirt with darts closed and moved into the drape lines.

Redraw this last piece as the red lines you see.

Step 3

Here is the finished pattern: make a mirrored copy of back skirt and join it to the left front one.

On all the pieces with a drape mark it with notches and arrows showing the direction of the pleats.