Draped mini dress with side bow


To draft the pattern of this dress start from a fitted block with darts and full front for the asymmetric style.

Step 1

Onto the back, draw the side panel, shape the center back and reduce from the hem.

Onto the front, draw the asymmetric neckline, the two parts of the bow (see the light blue lines), the side panels and reduce from the hem.

Step 2

Keep working on the front: widen by 1cm the shoulder darts at the neckline and shape the underbust to have a more fitted dress.

Step 3

Trace a copy and cut through the slash lines.

Step 4

Cut also through the inner slash lines.

Step 5

First close the darts, then separate the strips from the lines you were cutting and separate the pieces by few cm.


Step 6

Redraw the whole block marking the pleats.

Step 7

This is the finished pattern: center back, side back panel, center front, left and right side front panels, front skirt and front skirt panels, draped front and two pieces for the bow.