Draped pencil dress


To draft the pattern of this dress, start from a basic block with darts.

Step 1

Mirror the front and draw the neckline, the drape lines and the flounce.

On both front and back reshape slightly the hem.

Redraw center back reducing the dart by 1-1,5cm.

Draw a basic sleeve and three slash lines at its cap for the new volume to be added.

Step 2

Copy the right side of the front, draw the yoke line and all the slash lines for the drape/volume to be opened.

Cut through these lines and close the existing darts.

Step 3

Copy the front from left side, draw the yoke and manipulate only the shoulder dart opening it at the yoke line.

Step 4

The right front should look like this – fill the gaps as you see the red lines.

Step 5

Mark the pleats/drape with notches and arrows for the direction and draw some sort of 1/4 of a circle for the built-in flounce.

Step 6

This is the finished pattern: center back, left and right front, left and right yoke, sleeve (cut through the slash lines and raise the sleeve cap a bit).