Dress with collar and back cutout


Style analysis: mini dress with statement collar and sleeves, back cutout and bow.

This dress has an interesting style that can be dressed up or down and the pattern is suitable for different types of fabrics. We suggest wovens: it could be cotton or linen for summer, wool or wool blends for winter, denim or taffeta for other versions.

Draft the pattern by tracing a copy of your block with darts and matching sleeve and positive wearing ease (as 10cm on bust circumference) - instructions are part of our basic blocks course/module 1.

Step 1

Trace back and front and adjust length to mid thigh or desired length.

Then lengthen front shoulder line towards center and still on front add 8 to 10cm past center front from hem to waistline for double breasted closure on skirt.

Step 2

Focus on front to draw the collar:

  • measure 2cm from high shoulder point along the lengthened shoulder line
  • connect the new point to waistline at the extended part – this is the roll line to draw the lapel
  • lengthen the roll line upwards by back neckline measurement
  • measure 2cm to the left and connect to the point where roll line intersect extended shoulder line
  • square a line perpendicular to the previous: it should be 2cm to the left and 6cm to the right (2+4cm).
Step 3

Where waistline and roll line meet, square across 12cm and draw collar outer edge.

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