Dress with gathers and cutouts


Let's draft the pattern for this trendy dress. It is perfect in viscose, lightweight cotton or linen blend.

It's also a quick make that you can sew before leaving for summer holidays - a satisfying new project!

To start the pattern, trace a copy of your basic block with darts and matching sleeve - here our course including instructions for basic blocks.

Step 1

First, draw underbust line on both back and front.

Then widen sleeve so that cuff and bicep have matching measurement, then cut through sleeve center.

Step 2

Extend back shoulder line outwards, then merge to it back sleeve by matching shoulder points.

Repeat the same step for front – this is the starting point to create the dolman sleeve.

On back, extend waistline outwards by 15 to 25cm, then square down. Erase bottom part of waist dart. The section between underbust line and waist line will be removed to create the cutout.

On front, extend waistline outwards by the same measurement, then connect the point to underbust in center front to create the cutout. Widen skirt by 5 to 7cm in center front for extra gathers.

Step 3

Trace copies of the new shapes, then mark gathers on skirts.

On front bodice, draw the slash line from bust point to center front to manipulate darts. Then draw a slanted line in center front from the slash line downwards, discarding 2 to 3cm at underbust for the cutout.

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