Dress with gathers and puffed sleeve


A cool dress with lots of volume would be perfect for this summer. In can be bold ion a bright color or easier to wear in a muted tone - anyhow, we suggest choosing a lightweight fabric.

It has lots of gathers and a fancy back bow.

To draft the pattern, start from a basic block with darts and get ready to manipulate it!

Step 1

Draw the slash line that separates bodice and skirt: it’s waistline on back and a slanted upwards line in front (raise by 2 or 3cm in center front).

Flare skirt on sides by 2 to 4cm.

Step 2

Cut through slash line to separate bodice and skirt, then draw the new neckline reducing shoulder measurement by the half.

Measure waistline and hemline on skirt pieces, divide each measurement by 3 and connect the points to draw evenly spaced slash lines.

Step 3

On skirts, cut through the lines and space pieces by their width or twice their width at top (depending on the amount of gathers you like more) and by 1.5 times more at bottom.

Redraw dart on back bodice extending it to neckline.

Draw slash lines on front bodice making sure that one passes through bust point and one is ending on dart at waist. Two more slash lines are in the armhole to neckline area.

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