Dress with puffed raglan sleeves


Let’s draft together the pattern for this cocktail dress.

It would be perfect in a slightly stiff, crisp fabric that holds the sleeve shape, as taffeta, twill, or gabardine. Which is your favorite?

If needed, add the lining to the dress up to the raglan line – we would not line the sleeves.

Step 1

Start from a fitted block with darts (and a matching basic sleeve).

Separate front and back  bodice and skirt at the waistline.

On back bodice, erase the dart and discard its volume half from center back and half from side seam.

On back skirt, reduce the dart to its half and discard the other half from center back.

Step 2

On front bodice, draw the slash line to manipulate the shoulder dart into a french one.

Reduce the waist dart discarding half of it from the side seam, as you did on the back.

Step 3

Draw the raglan slash lines on front and back bodices.

To make drawing the line on front easier, you can already close the shoulder dart and open it in the side seam.

Step 4

Manipulate the shoulder dart to the side, redraw its tip 3-4cm away from bust point and separate the raglan pieces from the bodices.

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