Dress with standing collar


Let’s draft together the pattern of this dress with a standing collar, whose instruction you can find in a detailed video here (on instagram).

You can sew this cutout dress in any medium weight fabric, from a heavy jersey to a wool crepe…all will look fabulous.


Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts, front and back with the same measurements (do not shift the seam toward the back).

Raise the shoulder tip by 1cm and draw the kimono line. See the details in next step.

Step 2

Raise the shoulder tip, extend the shoulder line by the length you like (we suggest 15-18cm) and lower its edge by 2cm on back and 4cm on front.

Raise 8-12cm from the waist line to find the end of kimono sleeve.

Step 3

On both back and front, draw the panel lines and taper slightly at the knee line.

On back, distribute the darts in the two panel lines and on center back.

On front, draw the same lines, divide the dart in the panels.

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