Fairytale dress


Let's draft the pattern for a very special dress: as soon as I saw the image, I thought it was a dress for princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

It features an interesting dart manipulation at bust and statement sleeves. It would make a cool party dress if done in a special fabric as silk faille or taffeta or a trendy summer dress if in a simple fabric as cotton.


Step 1

To draft the pattern, start from a basic dress block with darts and zero to small wearing ease – i.e. a sleeveless pencil dress.

Adjust the length first, then draw the underbust line and cut through it to separate bodice and skirt.

Step 2

On skirt,  draw the slash lines coming from dart apexes to hemline.

Cut through slash lines to separate skirt pieces (center back, side back panel, side front panel, center front. Mark notches at waist and hip levels.

Step 3

Get bodice pieces and on back and front:

  • measure up 6 to 7cm from armpit along armhole line
  • from this point, move in 2 to 4cm and redraw the bottom armhole section
  • draw the new back neckline perpendicular to center back
  • draw the new sweetheart neckline on front making sure you cover at least 5 to 7cm at bust point
  • widen shoulder dart by 1cm at neckline
  • draw the underbust slanted line and make dart 3cm wide at that line.

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