Fitted denim shirt


Let's draft together the pattern of this fiited shirt.

Start from a basic block with darts, 4-5cm longer then the waist.

Step 1

Drop and widen the armhole and extend the shoulder.

Draw the button stand.

Step 2

On front, redraw the waist dart and manipulate it to open the volume at the shoulder.

Step 3

Then draw the underbust line towards the side seam…

Step 4

…and draw some slash lines straight from the waist to the underbust, then from these points to bust point.

Step 5

Cut through the lines, close the shoulder dart and open the volume in the new cuts.

Step 6

On the back, erase the dart and mark 3 pleats to take the same volume.

Step 7

Get the sleeve, widen and flatten the cap to match the armhole measurement and draw the pleat and placket position.

Step 8

Add a classic collar and a cuff and your pattern is ready!