Front bodice with draping


Let’s see how to draft the pattern of this bodice.

It’s an advanced dart manipulation with the addition of some volume at the neckline.

Here you see the front only, as it matches a basic back with darts. It can be used for dresses, blouses, tops…

The one you see in the photo was realized with a satin but any fabric can be used. Mind that the more drapey the fabric, the softer you will see the weaves; the stiffer the fabric, the more ‘standing’ the weaves will be.

Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts.

Draw a slash line starting in the neckline 2-3cm from center front to bust point, then a slanted one across the bust.

Cut through the lines.

Step 2

Open the new volume and close the previous shoulder dart.

Step 3

Draw two more slash lines from the neckline to the line across the bust.

Cut through the new lines.

Step 4

Distribute the volume across the 3 spaces.

If you want to add more, you can slash a line to the armhole as you see in red. Cut it.

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