Front cutout draped dress


Let’s see the steps to draft this amazing dress.

It features high shoulder sleeves, a front cutout with a twist, a draped skirt…it is an interesting pattern making exercise!

It is realized in satin, but any non stretch or slightly stretch fabric would work fine, your choice whether to have it in a shiny or mat fabric.

Step 1

Start from a basic block with full front.

Redraw the darts: on front, shape the darts to fit the underbust. On back, reduce the dart and shape the center back.

Shorten and taper the skirt hem.

Raise the armhole and redraw it inwards.

Step 2

Get the front and draw two parallel lines at the underbust.

Draw the front skirt hem.

Step 3

Trace the two separate fronts.

On right front, draw the neckline and mark the 3 pieces.

Step 4

Separate the right front at the underbust line.

On the upper part, draw the dart manipulation line toward the center.

On the bottom part, draw the slash lines for the drape.

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