Front twist blouse


Let's draft together the pattern of this blouse. It seems very complicate, but it is actually quite an easy one - the drape effect is given by the front twist when sewing it.

The fabric in this case is jersey, your choice if cotton, viscose, bamboo, poly... but you could also use woven fabrics if they are lightweight.

Start from a dolman block - we used our Amarillide pattern available in pdf from here. You can of course start also from a dolman block you draft yourself.

Step 1

Print and assemble the Amarillide pattern, or draw a dolman block on your own measurements.

Step 2

Start from back and use these measurements to alter the pattern:

  • new center back is 71cm long
  • new shoulder line is 65-70cm long
  • bottom sleeve is 20cm
  • hem is 32cm.

If you start from our Amarillide, change the shoulder slope by raising it 3cm at the outer edge.

Trace a copy of the new shape.

Step 3

Alter front this way:

  • measure down 20cm in center front as if you were doing a V neckline, then extend the line past the center by 85-90cm
  • square 15-18cm down from the previous line
  • connect this point with side seam, making sure you lower at least 5cm from center
  • draw the shoulder line and sleeve hem with the same measurements you used for back.
Step 4

Your new pattern is ready!

Tomorrow we’ll share a video on how to assemble it.

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