Halter neck corset top


Style analysis: top with princess cuts that shape 5 panels (as a corset construction) and halter neckline. It's possible to add bones for a corset style or to simply topstitch seams for an easier wear.

Fabric: any medium weight woven, either non stretch or with minimum stretch. Eventually add interlining for more structure, in all cases we suggest to add full lining (lightweight cotton used as lining would make it much more comfortable than polyester/traditional lining).

Draft the pattern starting from a contoured block (= 0 wearing ease and darts). A full explanation on how to draft this block on your own measurements and on different types of corsets is covered in our basic blocks course/module 2.

Step 1

Trace back and front to hipline, then:

  • drop 2cm from armpit level on both side seams
  • drop 3cm more in center back and draw the new neckline
  • draw a 3 to 4cm wide shoulder strap and draw front neckline, checking the coverage from bust point (we suggest 7 to 10cm above bust point)
  • widen shoulder dart by 1cm at new neckline
  • mark underbust line.
Step 2

Now shape center back taking in 2cm at waist. Blend to zero at nape and hip.

Reduce back waist dart to balance the 2cm taken.

Cut through front neckline

Step 3

Merge front and back at shoulder and continue the shoulder strap shape from front to center back.

Create a small horizontal dart at front armpit area as shown. This trick helps the strap being tighter to the body.

Cut through the lines.

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