Halter neck shirt dress with bucket pockets


Style analysis: a stylish and sophisticated piece, perfect for a formal event or a sophisticated outing, combining modern design with classic elements. The halter neckline wraps around the neck, creating a unique and elegant silhouette, he bodice is fitted and has a belted waist, enhancing the figure, the A-line skirt falls to mid-calf length and has a series of buttons down the front.

Fabric: light to medium weight fabric with a slightly crisp hand, shirting fabric, cotton, linen or blends, even taffeta can be an option.

Draft the pattern starting from a basic dress with darts and 8cm wearing ease at bust circ - you can learn our method for drafting perfectly made to measure basic blocks (contoured ones, and the ones with wearing ease) and for fitting them in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Step 1

Trace back and front and adjust the length to mid calf.

Square out 15 to 30cm from each side, blending to zero at waist to hip section.

Square down from waist darts to hemline, then mirror front to have it full.

Cut through waistline to separate bodice from skirt.

Step 2

Tape skirt darts closed and open matching volume at hemline.

Draw a vertical line at 2cm span from center front (on the left of it).

Step 3

Trace a copy of skirts, then on front draw pocket bag (approx 25cm long on side seam and 15 to 18cm wide at waist, start at right angle on both edges then draw a rounded bottom line).

Draw a slanted line for pocket opening, 4 to 6cm below waistline closer to center front and 8 to 10cm below it on side seam.

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