High-low full skirt


An amazing skirt that is perfect for a bride or to attend a ceremony - it's also quite quick to sew, you just need a stiff fabric, matching lining and crinoline bias tape to support the weave at hemline.

The construction is very interesting, as it looks like it is made of 2 layers but it is actually a single layer starting in center back, going toward center front, folding back to reach center back again. Since the piece would be too big to be placed on fabric, it is split in half somewhere around side seam. You can choose to place the seamline elsewhere depending on fabric width.

Start by drawing the pattern of a basic skirt - our method for drafting skirt patterns is available in the free pre-course here - then trace a copy of it and start manipulating the pattern as the following instructions. Have fun!

Step 1

Trace back and front separate, then adjust length to ankles or full (or to the desired length) and flare 15 to 20cm from sides.

Square down from dart apexes and cut through the lines. This way you’ll be able to manipulate darts closed opening a matching volume at hemline.

Step 2

This is what you get when manipulating darts. Trace a copy of front and back with the new volume.

Step 3

Merge back and front at side seam to get a one-piece pattern.

Lengthen center back by 30 to 50cm, blending to original hemline at side seam.

Identify the weaves marked with numbers and colors (1, 2 and 3) and trace them separately.

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