Knit dress with cups


Let's draft together the pattern of this dress with cups.

It fits properly if you use a KNIT FABRIC as you need something stretchy.

Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts and negative ease (1,5cm less in each quarter of circumference, or calculated according to the fabric).

Draw a circle with center at bust point and radius as half of the breast distance.

Step 2

Draw the red cuts which you see in the photo, widening the darts as well.

Step 3

Draw the new neckline, reshape the waist darts and reduce slightly at the hem.

Step 4

Cut through the vertical lines in the body and merge the pieces to discard the dart volume.

Separate the two pieces of the cup.

Step 5

This is the finished pattern!

Mark the key points with notches and you’re done!