Long dress with side cutouts


Let's draft together the pattern of this sexy dress. It has a lot of details: asymmetric front/back length, a flounce at the hem, side cutout and an interesting neckline.

You will need a flowy fabric, as satin, crepe or viscose.

Start from a basic block with zero to little wearing ease. Mirror the front because drawing the neckline requires both left and right parts.

Step 1

On back, erase the dart from the waist upward and discard its volume from center back. Draw the back neckline straight from the armpit and another line 6-8cm below it.
Keep the dart on the skirt piece and square down from dart apex to create a slash line.

On front, draw the neckline from right side seam to left shoulder and the front cutout in center. Draw also the side cutout with a matching measurement to the back.
On skirt, mark as a slash line the center front and a line starting from dart apex and perpendicular to the hem.

On both front and back skirts, flare 4-8cm from side seam.


Step 2

Cut through all lines.

You will get:

  • back bodice
  • back skirt, with darts and slash line from it
  • front bodice, with darts
  • front skirt, with darts and slash lines.
Step 3

Take the skirt pieces. Cut through the slash lines, close the darts and open their volume into those cuts.

Space the front pieces in the center.

Make a copy of both pieces with the new volume.

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