Long slip dress with slit and V neckline


Let's draft together the pattern for this evening dress.

It's super sexy but you can alter the pattern as you prefer - For example, I would reduce the neckline depth a bit.

It can be realized in any light to medium weight fabric, lace...I suggest to always add lining - either in same fabric if it is lightweight or in a different one if you prefer - to conceal all seams and have a better fit.

To draft the pattern, start from a basic block with darts and zero or very small wearing ease. It depends if your fabric stretches or not and on how snug you like the dress to be.

Step 1

On the copy of basic block with darts, adjust the length first.

Make it to the ground on front and 30-40cm longer in center back if you like a short train.

On front, from high point shoulder draw the new armhole/neckline ending on side seam 5-7cm below armpit.

Draw also the neckline from high point shoulder up to 3-4cm above waistline.

Still on front, flare at hem maximum 15 to 20cm on side.

Step 2

Measure the same on back side seam and draw the neckline ending in center back on waist line.

On back, flare at hem on side the same measurement you added to front, then square down from waist dart and create two flared pieces using the line as starting point for the flare. You can add as much as done on side seam or more, but keep the 2 lines with the same slope.

Flare also from center back and redraw the hem for the train.

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