Maternity halter dress


To draft the pattern of this dress, start from a basic block with darts and dolman sleeve and extend it to the length you want (in this case to the feet).

Pick a lightweight, drapey fabric - lace, chiffon, georgette, crepe...would all look fabulous!

Step 1

Start from a basic block with darts and dolman sleeve.

Draw the slash lines on the center of the skirt and flare it from the side.

Draw the neckline and the slash lines on the bodice.

Step 2

Cut through the lines on the front and open it as shown here.

Step 3

Do the same on the back.

Step 4

Join the shoulder lines so you get a one piece.

You have:

  • back skirt
  • back waistband
  • bodice and sleeve in a single block
  • neckline/collar
  • front waistband
  • front skirt.
Step 5

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