Maxi dress with gathers and cutout


Let's draft the pattern for this interesting dress. It's an interesting one because it includes lots of manipulations.

You can sew it in a variety of fabrics - from cotton or viscose, to silk or polyester...plain color or prints, so many possibilities!

To draft the pattern, start from a copy of your basic dress with darts + matching sleeve.

Step 1

Lenghten the skirt to ankles, then create the built-in collar on back by raising 2cm from back neckline and adding 1cm toward center back.

Draw back cutout from waistline, 5 to 10cm above it, ending at side seam with a gap 2 to 4cm wide.

Then draw a slash line slanted downward from center back to side seam passing through dart bottom apex.

Step 2

Cut through the slash lines discarding the cutout volume, then draw the lines to add volume:

  • on back bodice, lines are almost horizontal from center to side
  • same is for waist panel, where lines are slightly slanted downward towards side seam
  • on back skirt, lines are vertical and evenly distributed.
Step 3

Cut through all lines and spread the pieces by their same measurement on bodice and waist section, by twice their measurement on skirt.

On bodice and waist pieces, manipulate darts closed.

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