Maxi skirt with asymmetric panels


Style analysis: full length skirt, mermaid silhouette. Skirt is fitted at hips and straight to knee, then flares down to hemline. It has slanted stylelines that originate panels, and each panel has added volume on one side creating an interesting shape.

The perfect fabric is a medium weight woven fabric, as crepe, cady, satin, but it can be interesting to use also denim or lightweight leather! A fun option is to choose color block or contrasting topstitching!

Everything starts by drafting a basic skirt on your measurement - our method for doing it is included in our free pre-course, which is a good way to try made to measure blocks! We love them, it's much more convenient than starting from standard sizes!

Step 1

Start by tracing a full copy of front, then adjust length to ground.

Measure up 10cm from knee line and draw a horizontal line – this is where the volume originates.

Step 2

Taper 2 to 3cm at new line (measure from side seams inwards) and blend to zero at hipline.

Widen 10 to 14cm from side seams at hemline, and connect to previous points to create the mermaid shape. Lengthen side seams by 5cm and draw a curved hemline that merges to the original one in center front.

Step 3

Now draw the style lines on front:

  • measure waist to hip distance (=hip level) and divide it by 2
  • using the previous measurement, drop from waistline along right side seam and mark a point. Connect this point to left side seam where the parallel to knee line was
  • srarting from hip level, draw a slanted line parallel t the previous, and where you meet the horizontal line change direction and square down
  • using the same measurement of before, so that lines are evenly spaced, measure down from hipline and draw the third slash line. Slanted first, then perpendicular to hemline.

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