Mermaid gown with asymmetric neckline


Let's draft together the pattern for this asymmetric evening dress.

It features a mermaid skirt that highlights the hourglas silhouette and asymmetric  straps that create and interesting neckline.

To draft its pattern, start from a fitted basic block with darts. Choose wearing ease according to the fabric you will use, which can be slightly stretchy or not, and to the fit you prefer. We suggest starting with zero wearing ease and eventually reduce it more later on.

Step 1

Start from a copy of full front.

First, draw the neckline and the front part of left strap according to the width of half sleeve cap.

Widen shoulder darts by 1cm at neckline. Redraw waist darts by shaping them 3cm wide from waist to underbust, to have it more fitted.

Step 2

Get the full back and shape it from center by 2cm at waistline, so the dress better follows the back curve.

Draw the back part of left strap as done for front.

Step 3

On front, shape the skirt first:

  • reduce by 3cm on each side at knee
  • then flare 8-10cm at hem from side seams.

Then, draw the panel lines coming from dart apex perpendicular to hem. Flare each panel by a consistent amount.

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