Mini corset dress


Style analysis: strapless mini dress with a fitted bodice with cups and a full circle skirt. The bodice features a ruffled neckline and structured corset construction, with a V shaped waist cut. The fabric has a shiny, satin-like appearance with a floral jacquard pattern. The overall style is both elegant and playful, with a hint of vintage inspiration. The skirt flares out from the waist, creating a flattering and feminine silhouette.

Fabric: any light to medium weight woven fabric, we suggest it to be non stretch. Add interlining to bodice for more support, bones to vertical bodice seams and underwires are necessary, if you want more support you can add also foam cups.

A full explanation on corsets and cups is included in our basic blocks course/module 2.

Step 1

Trace a copy of your contoured bodice (block with darts and zero wearing ease). Lengthen few cm past hipline (if you like the dress to be this short, or lengthen to desired measurement).

Flare 4 to 8cm at hem on side seams, blend to zero at waist.

Draw the waist cut:

  • on back, it is on natural waistline
  • on front it starts at waist on side seam and is slanted downwards toward center front, where it ends approx 5cm below waist.
Step 2

Cut through the slash lines to separate back bodice from back skirt and front bodice from front skirt.

On both skirts draw slash lines to add volume:

  • square down from dart apex to hemline
  • divide in half the remaining part (from dart to side seam) both at top and bottom lines, connect the points to draw another slash line.

Cut through skirt slash lines and discard dart volume.

Step 3

Draw a big right angle on top left of the sheet, then place back skirt pieces opening a volume at bottom and keeping pieces together at top, so that center back is on the vertical line of your angle and side seam is on the horizontal one.

Repeat the process for front pieces.

Notice that waistlines on back and front will be different because the one on front is for the V-shape 😉

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