Mini dress with front knot and elasticated waist


Let's draft together the pattern for this mini dress perfect for summer.

It has some interesting details: in bodice, darts are manipulated into a volume that creates a bow, waistband has row of elastic threads that keep it fitted without adding a zipper (yayy!), sleeves have an interesting puffed volume.

To draft the pattern of the dress, start from a basic block with darts and minimum wearing ease (6-8cm at bust circumference, 4cm at waist, 2 at hip).

Sew it in a breezy viscose or lightweight cotton and enjoy it at your next brunch!

Step 1

On front and back, do these steps:

  • first draw the waistband section (we suggest 2,5cm above and 2,5cm below waistline)
  • then draw the new hemline and the ruffle line
  • wide the neckline by 1,5cm on shoulder line, then by 1cm on center back and draw the V neckline on front up to bust height
  • lastly, straighten side seams on bodice keeping the bust width all the way down to the waistband.
Step 2

Cut through all lines and separate the pieces.

You get front and back bodices, waistbands, skirt and ruffles.

On front bodice draw a slash line for manipulating the dart.

Step 3

Focus on bodices and waistband.

Cut through slash line on front bodice, close shoulder dart and extend the new volume by 25-30cm as shown by red lines.

Draw a one-piece waistband – you might want to cut a very long piece, then sew parallel lines with elasticated thread (find a tutorial on how to use elastic thread here). Once you are done with all lines, choose if you want to keep the whole length or if you’d rather shorten the waistband.

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