One shoulder dress with drawstring


Style analysis: loose fit dress for daywear with asymmetric neckline. One shoulder style with drawstring detail at neckline and waistline, midi length and super useful pockets! Perfect fabric is a lightweight cotton or viscose, or blends with polyester in shirt weight.

To draft the pattern, start by creating a basic block on your own measurement with loose fit (as 10 to 12cm ease at bust circumference). Trace full front and back to have room for drawing the asymmetric neckline and full length.

You can learn our method for drafting perfectly made to measure basic blocks and for fitting them in our basic blocks course/module 1. You will learn in depth also how to manipulate darts, add volumes and a lot of pattern transformations that will take your pattern making skills to a higher level.

Step 1

On back and front, square down from armpits to have straight dress. Make sure you get enough ease at hip circumference. Draw the new neckline:

  • on back, measure 5 to 8cm from left high shoulder point along shoulder line and pick a point, then measure down 2 to 4cm from right armpit at side seam. Connect the two points to draw the new neckline
  • on front, find matching points on left shoulder line and right side seam. Make sure you get enough coverage (we suggest 7 to 10cm) at left bust point and draw the new neckline.

Adjust length to 3/4. Cut through new neckline, waistline and new hemline.

Step 2

Merge front and back bodices at left side seam and redraw armhole by dropping armpit point by 2 to 4cm (match measurement to the amount dropped at right armhole – previous step).

On front bodice, cut through waist dart middle lines.

On front skirt, square down from dart apexes to hemline and draw the pocket flaps from the slash lines outwards, approx 4 or 5cm wide and 15 to 18cm long. Cut through the slash lines.

Step 3

On front bodice, close shoulder darts and shift their volume at waist – all about dart manipulation is explained in our basic blocks course/module 1.

Measure the amount added at waistline and add the same quantity to skirt by spacing pieces in a parallel way – same amount should be added at waistline and hemline.

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