One shoulder flounce dress


To draft the pattern of this dress, start by drafting a basic block with darts and zero ease allowance.

Step 1

Mirror both back and front for the asymmetrical style.

Draw the neckline, shorten the shoulder by 1-1,5cm and widen the shoulder dart by 1 cm at the neckline on the non shoulder side, then draw the cuts as you see in the photo to manipulate darts and create the drape.

On the skirt, flare a bit both sides and draw the flounce line.

Step 2

Trace the front cutting through all slash lines from the center outwards, close the existing darts and add some volume (4-6cm) in each space.

Fill the pattern extending the areas marked in red.

Step 3

Trace the separate pieces: back dress, front dress, front side panel (keeping the original grain), then draw the flounce with the measurement taken from the new hem at step 1.