One shoulder long shirt


Let's draft the pattern for this funny shirt - it is inspired by menswear but has very feminine details as the pleats to bust point, the waistband and the one shoulder neckline.

We suggest to sew it in cotton popeline, a striped version would accent some of the details and you could play with stripes direction - that would be cool! but you can also keep it plain and maybe accent collar and cuffs using a contrasting color.

To draft the pattern, start from a basic dress with darts and zero to very small ease at bust circ (2 to 4cm max).
Copy back and front mirrored as the neckline is asymmetric.

Step 1

Adjust back and front length to mid-thigh, then widen by 3cm from side seams and drop armhole by 3cm.

Erase waist darts for the loose style, round hemline at sides.

Draw the asymmetric neckline shortening left shoulder line by 4 to 6cm, then redraw left armhole. On right side, make sure necklines covers right bust point by more than 6cm, then connect to armpit.

Step 2

Trace a copy of front and cut it through the new neckline.

Draw a new slash line from bust point to shoulder line, cut through it and close original shoulder dart.

Step 3

Add 1cm to shoulder dart of right side (the shorter one), then draw a slash line from right bust point to left shoulder dart to manipulate right dart.

From the outer section of left shoulder line, draw 2 parallel lines, slightly curved, ending in center front. This will be the button stand.

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